Bachelor Pad Interior Decorating Room Idea Colors

When you first move into your bachelor pad, the first update and/or decorating item is usually painting the walls and rooms.  Finding the right color for each room can be quite a complicated and frustrating choice.

In general, picking neutral colors is usually the safest bet.  This is easy on the eyes and usually helps when selling the bachelor pad also.  

When you go to a paint supply store, such as Home Depot, take the sample cards home and hold them up to the wall near the floor to see how well it works with your flooring and if you are already have furniture.  You can even go as far to by a quart of paint and paint a small area.  If you donít like it, you didnít spend too much money or time and can start over.

In some case where the walls are already dark, you will have to prime the walls, we know this is a pain, but priming the wall makes a dramatic difference in the way the paint sticks and turns out.

Although home depot is a great place to buy paint, we are not too fond of their paints.  We like to use Sherwin-Williams paint products as we find they stick better and are much better quality paint.

If you decide to paint your home all one color, than having an accent wall can really go a long way.  We usually recommend painted an accent wall that is adjacent to the living room, however you can pick your wall of choice.  Mustard colors really go well on a wall of this type and can really bring some life to the room and entire house, although you are painting just one wall.

Once done painting your walls, you will have to paint your baseboards around the bachelor pad also.  You will want to choose a glossier paint, so that the dirt and grime of the pad can easily be washed off.  

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